Third Grade News Room 112 Mrs. Reckwerdt December 1st, 2017


Religion: To start the Advent season the students will be  going to the church for the Sacrament of  Reconciliation on Monday, December 4th.  On Wednesday, December 6th we will be meeting at church for the 8:00 am Mass.  On Thursday we will have the chapter 5 test on the start of the church. On Friday, December 8th we will be attending the 9:00 am School Mass of the Immaculate Conception.  Third grade will be leading the December 12th 9:00 am School Mass in honor of Our Lady of Guadalupe.    Please come and pray with us if you are available. We received a gracious thank you from Feed My Starving Children for our generous donation. All together it was $424 which they wrote is enough to feed 5 children for an entire year.

Math:  Students are continuing to learn multiplication properties, strategies, and the multiplication facts.  Please encourage your child to spend a few minutes daily to practice the multiplication facts. There will be a Chapter 4 Go Math Test on  Wednesday,  December 6th and a Simple Solutions quiz on Friday, December 8th.

Reading:  Everyone should be reading a mystery book  for the “cereal” box  book report. The book report  is due on  December 14th. Students have already been given the direction sheet.  In class students are reading and analyzing the non fiction selection, “The Moon Seems to Change.” They are also comparing it to several poems.   In small groups everyone is reading a Cam Jensen mystery book.

Phonics:  Students are learning about more different “r” controlled vowels. They will also be reviewing the previous concepts: compound words, blends, consonant digraphs, the three sounds of “y” and  r controlled vowels.  I am anticipating the Unit 3 test will be on Wednesday, December 6th.

Spelling: Next week we will be reviewing  units 7-11. There will be a review test on Friday, December 8th.

Language: In Shurley English our next area of learning will be prepositions and prepositional phrases. Students should be familiar with plurals, possessives, homophones, editing marks, common and proper nouns. The December poems were passed out today, and the selected poem will be recited on December 20th.

Science:  We are learning more about the Engineering Process.    We will be discussing how things have improved and changed over time especially with the use of technology. Each student will be making a poster to show how one particular item has changed and improved over time.  This will be due on either December 21st or January 12th depending upon your schedules.

Social Studies:  Students will be learning how immigrants  make a new life in America blending their old culture with the new culture. They will also be learning about the Great Migration, Langston Hughes, and using intermediate directions.  The chapter 3 test will probably be on December 12th.


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