Third Grade News Room 112 Mrs. Reckwerdt January 12th 2018

Welcome back! Have a wonderful 2018!   Next week begins with a day off for Martin Luther King’s Day on Monday, January 15th.

Religion:  Thursday, JANUARY 18th  chapter 8 test about the four marks of the church: one (one community called together by God and united in Baptism), holy (all good, sharing in God’s life), catholic (universal- open to all in the world), and apostolic(that the pope and bishop are successors of the Apostles.)   On Friday, January 19th, we will be  making fleece blankets for the Linus project with our 7th grade buddies.

Third grade will be leading the February 27th 9:00 am School Mass .  Please plan on coming and praying with us if you are available.

Math:  Students are continuing to learn division properties, strategies, and the division facts in Chapter 6.  Please encourage your child to spend a few minutes daily to practice these facts. The  Simple Solutions quiz will  be on Friday, January 19th.

Reading:  Everyone should select a book of their choice for the next book report. The February book report is due on 2/6/18 .  In class students are reading and analyzing the non fiction selection, “All About the Earth” focusing on the text features. Students will also be reading and discussing another book in a small group.

Phonics:  Students are learning about base words and endings (s,  es, er, est, ed, ing.)

Language:  Students should be familiar with plurals, possessives, homophones, editing marks, common and proper nouns. Now we are especially focusing on both subject and object pronouns.  The January poems were passed out during the week and the selected poem will be recited on January 29th.

Science:  I enjoyed seeing each student’s poster  showing how technology has improved and changed over time.  A few students have already presented their project and the rest of the students will be presenting their projects during the week. We will also be reviewing  the Engineering Process, Unit 2, and then students will take the unit test on Thursday, January 18th. (Science books went home this weekend.)

Social Studies:  Students  have been learning about celebrations focusing especially on New Year’s Day and Martin Luther King Day. They will continue working on these activities as they read and understand many other celebrations in the world in chapter 4, “Celebrations.” Next students will be making a President Mobile to help celebrate President’s Day.

Catholic School’s Week is Coming! Please plan to join  us Sunday, January 28th for 9:30 Mass and Open House 10:30 – 12:30. Please invite your family, friends, and neighbors to see our great school.  Students will have a fun -filled week  January 29 – February 2nd as we celebrate Catholic education.

Our class is in desperate need of a few boxes of Kleenex. If you can spare a box or two we’d be most grateful.


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