Third Grade News Room 112 Mrs. Reckwerdt May 7-11

Religion:  Students will be learning the beautiful prayer, Hail Holy Queen, in the month of May. They will be recite it on May 30th.  Students will be learning about the different parts of the Mass in chapter 17.

Math:  Students have been learning about perimeter and area. Now they will be problem solving using area and perimeter in chapter 11. On Wednesday, May 9th there will be a Simple Solutions Quiz.   Please continue to quiz your child on the multiplication and division facts. These are critical for fourth grade.   We are also reviewing all the facts daily  in class.

Reading:   Thank you to everyone who attended our biography “dress-up” book report   presentations  and for your help preparing your child for the presentation. Students will continue to analyze Paul Bunyan  finding  the key details of the story’s central message, how characters’ actions transmit experience, and different points of view. They will also compare Paul Bunyan to the another short book they read , Storm in the Night.  The next book students will read is Weather, which is a nonfiction  selectionStudents will be getting new books to read in their small groups.

Phonics:  Students are continuing to learn and practice more rules about dividing words into syllables. Next they will be  discovering when a single vowel is sounded alone in a word it forms a syllable by itself.

Language: The May poems were  distributed this week.  The selected poem will be recited in front of the class on May 22nd.

Spelling:  The spelling unit 27  focuses on words that are formed after dropping the silent e ending and then adding “ing.”   Students will have the spelling test this Friday, May 11th. Words this unit are: carry, coming, skating, taking, giving, choosing, smiling, baking, sliding, changing, waving, leaving, making, hoping, trading, and having.

Science:  This week student’s STEM challenge was to build a house that would withstand a strong wind. We talked about the Three Little Pigs  and that each pig built a home from a different material.  Each group had different materials from which to construct a  strong home to protect their little pig.  I was impressed at the quality and creativity of their homes. (See photos below of everyone constructing their home.)   Students also are learning about land forms and how the earth changes both  slowly and quickly.

Social Studies: We will be reading more about the histories of different  communities in chapter 7. Students will be learning about the French exploring and settling in Canada and also how to use a locator map.

Future Important Dates:

Tuesday May 15th:

 9:00 am All School Mass – May Crowning

 6:30 pm Cardinal College – Internet Safety and Precautions





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