Classroom Links

When we count we like to MOVE too! Here are some of our favorite songs:



Color Word Games (color words, number words, months of year) (sight words)

Press: SPELL, listen to the word wall word, type it in, then press CHECK.  Press NEXT for a new word. (reading sentences) (color words) (NUMBER words) (NUMBER WORDS) (NUMBER WORDS)  (NUMBER WORDS) (NUMBER WORDS) (NUMBER WORDS) (NUMBER WORDS) (great for printing and practicing top to bottom name writing) (many literacy games) (rhyming) match) (beginning sounds) (beginning sounds)  (printable) (reading and sentence building) (beginning and end sounds) (word recognition)

Math (make your own calendar!) (counting objects and writing number) (number recognition on 100s chart) (number recognition and number order) (tally marks) (number order) (number words) (counting) (skip counting) (skip counting) (patterns) (coins) (coins) (coins) (coins)  (counting pennies) (coins) (coins) (coins) (time) (time) (time to the half hour) (time) (time) (time) (time) (addition/subtraction baseball)

Science/Social Studies

Parent Sites (help your child read) (help your child read) (help your child read) (first days of school) (tips for reading with your child) (tips for improving letter/sound relationship understanding) (how to help build a strong reader) (nutrition tips for kids) (read about the importance of breakfast)