5th Grade News

  • Tuesday, June 6th…..8am mass
  • Friday, June 9… Closing Mass and 11:30 DISMISSAL

It is difficult to believe that this is the last newsletter of 5th grade!  The time passed much too quickly, especially the last couple of weeks.  The students are anxious for summer to begin.  They are frequently reminded of expected behaviors and to continue to put their best effort into their work.

The end of May has been busy.   The talk is complete and went well.  Students were mature and asked interesting questions.

In room 116, we are reading The Phantom Tollbooth. The novel is a clever book that focuses on the English language and math concepts and  uses  figurative language  in a humorous, fantasy story.  Room 117 is reading Holes.  The novel is beautifully written and ties two narratives together to create one exciting story.

In social studies the students have created a scrapbook of the events leading up to the Revolutionary War.  They chose a character from that time period and did all activities from their person’s perspective.  We hope you enjoy their project when they bring it home next week.

We have finished the book!!!!  A first in 5th Grade!  These students should be proud of all the hard work they have done in Math this year.  Our chapter 10 test will be Wednesday, May 30th on converting units of measure.   Please be sure that your student keeps their math skills fresh with weekly work in Simple Solutions or Summer Solutions.  There are also many appropriate websites for summer math fun!

In science, we are studying Nutrition with lessons from myplate.  This week, we let our beautiful butterflies free after personally witnessing their entire life cycle.

In religion, we continue our focus on the Family Life Curriculum.

Last but not least, please remember the 5th grade service project is collecting cans. We are still collecting cans throughout the school; however, we can also use cans the students bring from home. Next time you go to put them in YOUR recycling bin, stop, and put them in a bag for your child to bring to school.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

Mrs. Noonan and Mrs. Gridelli


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May 26th – Preschool Newsletter

Preschool Newsletter- Week of May 22-26

This week we focused on the letter Y and our theme was summertime. Throughout the week we practiced writing the letter Y, coming up with words that start with Y, creating a letter Y book, and sorting the letter Y by upper-case and lower-case letters. During the week we read various books about summertime.

Our centers included:

  • Ice cream cone craft
  • Sorting links by color
  • Letter Y book
  • Play-dough
  • Popsicle craft
  • Summertime bingo
  • Letter Y writing in our journals
  • Flip flop craft
  • Pattern blocks
  • Building with tinker toys

Next week we will learn about Father’s Day and work on letter Z. We will finish our letter of the week and continue to practice recognizing our letters till the end of the year!

Upcoming events:

-Monday, May 29th: NO SCHOOL

-Wednesday, May 31st: Hot lunch/pizza

-Wednesday, June 7th: Last day of school for Preschool following our celebration at Spring Ave. Park

Preschool Celebration – starts at 8:30 am and we hope to see you there!

Please be sure to check the signup-genius for any supplies needed for the Preschool end of the year celebration.


Preschool Room 98B- sorting links by color

center pic

Preschool at the park. We are getting ready for our celebration!

park picture

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Third Grade News Room 112 Mrs. Reckwerdt May 22-26th 2017


Religion:  Students are learning about the parts of the Mass in chapter 17.  The third graders will attend the 9 am School Mass on Tuesday, May 23th.  The Hail Holy Queen prayer will be recited on May 31st.

Reading: This week we will be reading the story, Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs.    The new vocabulary words will be avoid, brief, frequently, gradual, periods, and report. Skills that we will work on are basic comprehension, summarizing, judgment/decisions, root words, and reading signs. The story quiz will be on Friday, May 26th.

Language: Students will continue to practice identifying the parts of speech, correcting sentences with editing marks, using correct pronouns, and adding prefixes and suffixes. A morning worksheet quiz will be on Tuesday. The May poem will be  presented on MondayMay 22nd.poetry image

Spelling:  This week we will focusing on Unit 21. The list words are: were, there, which, said, about, its, little, called, school, children, four, ever, young, learn, point, city, play, and toward.  Spelling test #21  will be on Friday, May 26th. The tested skill will be to add the suffix “es” to words that end in the consonant “y,”  making them plural.  If there is a consonant letter before the “y”, the “y”  will be changed to “i” before adding the “es” suffix.              .

Math:    Students will learning about measurement in  Go Math Chapter 10 .  Students will have a Simple Solution quiz on Thursday, May 25th.  Students need to keep practicing their multiplication  and division facts for accuracy and speed. 

Social Studies: Students will have the Social Studies  Chapter 8  test on Thursday, May 25th,  about the development and improvement of  technology in transportation, communication, medicine, and agriculture, which has changed our country.  Students should be finishing their poster about an item that has changed over time.  The poster is due this Friday, May 26th. .

Science:  Our chickens  hatched last Sunday and Monday!  Students enjoyed observing and holding them.  On Friday half of our chickens went to the Hansen Center in Burr Ridge, and the other half went to the Kopping Horse Farm in Lemont (which  gave us  eggs to incubate.) Students will have  the chIMG_20170518_131433049_HDRicken /egg test on Wednesday.

****Friday is a dress down day and there is  No School on Monday to celebrate Memorial Day.

IMG_20170518_130626329_HDR (1)


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This Week in First Grade, May 22nd through May 26th

This Week in First Grade…

May 22nd through May 26th, 2017


Miss Gearen and Ms. Tyk want to thank all families who came out to support our first graders this past week!  The 2017 Author’s Lemonade was a huge success and it couldn’t have gone so smoothly without each one of you! The students loved getting the opportunity to share their hard work with all of their fans!

Here’s a look at what’s going on This Week in First Grade!

Monday, May 22ndmusic notes

Hot Lunch: Little Joe’s, Hot Dogs

2:00 PM, Band Concert

Tuesday, May 23rd: Mass Schedule

9:00 AM, Leadership Prayer Service

Wednesday, May 24th

Hot Lunch:Wendy’s crispy chicken sandwich

Friday, May 26th: Dress Down Day

**Free Dress Down Day gifted by “Principal for the Day Pullappally”

Future Dates to Remember:

May 29th: NO SCHOOL, Memorial Day


May and June Lunch/Recess Calendars are open!

Please contact Pam Rohrbacher if available.

We thank you in advance!

Room 107: 22nd, 23rd

Room 108: 24th, 25th, 26th

*Recess begins at 11:15am for the first graders.

Lunch begins at 11:35 am and ends at 12:00 pm.

Our Special’s Schedule this Week:

Rotation Day Room 107 (Tyk) Room 108 (Gearen)
Monday– B TLC GYM
Tuesday– C Spanish, Science Lab TLC, Music
Wednesday– D Music Spanish, TLC
Thursday–E Spanish, GYM Science Lab, GYM
Friday– F GYM, TLC Spanish, Music

**Please make a note of when your class has gym this week.



In the Classroom…  

This week in Spelling we will be working on List #31, words with the <nk> part. This is an important word part for students to take note of because it combines the /ng/ and /k/ sounds together.  Students will make a list of /nk/ words, including our spelling list as well as other words that have the /nk/ sound, such as: trunk, drank, shrink, ink, etc.  Classes will create sentences utilizing these spelling words to enhance understanding.

Spelling List #31: fin, sob, left, sink, pink, drink, thank, once, upon, thinking

time kidsGo Math’s chapter nine focuses on measurement continues this week in Math as we use both nonstandard (paper clips, pennies, color tiles, etc.) and standard (rulers, tape measures) measuring tools to find the length of real objects.  The second half of the chapter moves on to telling time, using the vocabulary terms: hour hand (shorter hand) and the minute hand (longer hand).  Students will be able to tell and write time in hours and half-hours using both analog and digital clocks.

This week in Reading students will be reading a collection of fiction stories as well as poetry.  Classrooms will be utilizing learned reading strategies, such as making inferences, making connections and rereading, to assist in comprehending what is being read.  This week will focus on two main texts: We Love Ron and Super Oscar.  TIPS FOR HOME: Identify story elements (characters, setting, problem, plot, etc) with your child when reading at home!

High-Frequency Words: around, begin, brought, certain, minutes, straight

This Week in Science continues with the idea of preserving our Earth’s materials.  Last week, we learned that ¾ of our planet consists of water, leaving ¼ of our planet made of land.  Lesson 6 revolves around pollution and how we can help take care of our Earth!

This goes along with religion this week— as we discuss ways we can serve and love others.  Praying to God is one way to show our love to others. As a class, we will brainstorm other ways we can spread our love to others in our world.  

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Preschool News – May 19th

Preschool Newsletter – Week of May 15th-19th

This week we focused on the letter X and our theme was bugs. We have been busy practicing writing our letters and recognizing both upper-case and lower-case letters. Throughout the week we learned about bugs and create various bug crafts.

Centers this week include:

  • X is for x-ray
  • Bug collection jar craft
  • Dragonflies
  • Butterflies
  • Letter X book
  • Peg boards
  • Journal writing

Next week we will learn the letter Y and our theme will be summertime! Throughout the week we will learn letter Y words and create some summer crafts. We will also practice our songs for our upcoming Preschool celebration (which is on June 7th at 8:30 am at Spring Avenue Park). We hope to see you there!

Please be sure to sign-up for any needed items for the celebration. Here is the link to the sign-up genius:



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Second-2-None Newsletter

What We Are Learning

Image result for memorial day clipart

Week of 5-15

This week in reading we read a fictional text about a spade foot toad call Dig, Wait, Listen.  While reading we thought about the author’s purpose of writing.  We learned how authors write to entertain, inform, and persuade.

In Shirley English we rocked out to 2 new songs.  We learned about pronouns and subject pronouns.  We also learned about finding the verb based on whether the noun is singular or plural.  Plural nouns always have a verb without an s and singular nouns have verbs with an s (Dog barks.  or Dogs bark.)

In Math we have been working with collecting data.  We created our own bar graphs and pictographs.  We will be taking our math test on data next Tuesday.

This week’s Religion was about serving God.  We discussed how different groups  can all serve God in the same way.  This week’s newsletter secret is…3 day weekend.

Now that our Social Studies presentations are complete we have moved on to a new Science chapter.  This chapter is about animals and their environment.  We began the chapter by talking about how animals use their environment to survive and the adaptations that sometimes need to be made.

In Phonics we continue with adding suffixes to base words.  It is very important to remember all of our rules before adding new suffixes.

Next Friday, May 26th is a dress down day.

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4th Grade Spring News

Image result for may newsletter

Important Dates to Remember:

-Field Trip to Naper Settlement- Thursday, May 25

-No school-Memorial Day, Monday, May 29

-8th grade clap out, Wednesday, May 31

-Graduation at 7pm, Wednesday, May 31

-Last spelling test-unit 13, Friday, June 2


The past week has been very busy in 4th grade! We heard all about the 8th graders and saw them receive their ribbons on Wednesday. Thursday was our big Battle of the Books championship, the 4th grade winning team (Agnes, Maeve, Sean, Gabe, and Isa) battled against the winning 5th grade team (Dominic, Gabi, Morgan, and Evie). It was a very close match, as the score was tied after multiple rounds. The game ended in a final tie-breaking bonus question and the 5th grade won. It was such a fun experience for all of the 4th graders, as it was the first time 4th grade participated in the annual event. A few pictures of previous battle can be found below.  Lastly, today we enjoyed 8th grade day as we cheered on siblings, friends, and teachers.

File_000 (5)File_001 (5)File_002 (3)File_004 (4)File_005 (3)File_006 (4)










Reading/Language Arts: The students just finished up their reading of Hatchet and many say they loved it! The students explored and analyzed Brian’s ability to survive, the changes he went through after what he experienced in the wilderness, and his range of feelings during his experience. The students are now working on projects that show their understanding of the text. They will be presenting these projects next week.

In room 115, students finished up their study of poetry with a concrete poem, some of which were created for their moms for Mother’s Day. They were asked to use all that they have learned about imagery and figurative language to explore the topic they chose to write about. They then moved on to thinking about their future in 5th grade and beyond with a little help from Dr. Seuss’s Oh the Places You’ll Go. The 4th graders were asked to use their excellent paragraph writing skills to explain: things they want to learn, places they want to visit, dreams they want to accomplish, and people they want to meet. We then put their answers together in a hot-air balloon figure. Check them out in our room! In room 114, the students wrapped up their Harris Burdick stories. These stories were based off a small phrase. The students did a great job transforming a phrase into a story! With the year flying by, room 114 thought back to their favorite memories and wrote them on kites. Check them out on our door!

In spelling the students just finished up their lessons on plural noun spellings in unit 12. The students will continue to look at these spelling patterns as they move into unit 13. In Shurley English the students continue to work on creating compound sentences to fix run-on sentences and helping verbs.

Math: Fractions, fractions, fractions! The students finally finished up the fraction unit with a quiz on multiplying whole numbers by fractions and mixed numbers. They then spent a day reviewing decimals with special guest teachers (Charlie Wangard, Reichan Ziemba, and Matthew Rife). We then moved on to geometry. The students have been exploring this topic throughout the year in math group assignments and activities, however we are digging into it with more detail now. The students reviewed types of angles and how to name, draw and write geometry figures. As we continue in this chapter the students will explore different two-dimensional shapes, classifying them by their angles, sides, and parallel or perpendicular lines. They are completing Simple Solution lessons, journals, area and perimeter dream houses, decimal activities, as well as practicing new geometry concepts like angles, measurement, and shapes.

Social Studies: The students were delighted to find out they’re done taking tests in Social Studies for the rest of the year! Now, they’re taking their knowledge on the U.S. regions, and creating an in-depth presentation. Each class was divided into 5 small groups (one group per region). They are working together, in class, to create a Google Slideshow on their region. They have requirements like events, celebrities, weather/climate, resources, and common jobs found in their region. They will begin presenting these projects on Tuesday, May 30th.

Science: The students and I have been so excited about our current unit-force and motion. The students have taken a few steps away from their textbooks and labs to explore using Hotwheels cars. The students are exploring potential and kinetic energy, the scientific method, and engineering through hands on experiments. Some of these experiments are assigned by the teacher, but many ask the students to design an experiment to test a certain variable. The students are asked to use math concepts like graphing, averages, and measurement, as well as language arts skills like research methods, communication and writing. It has been so wonderful to see the student’s excitement as they see how gravity and friction impact how things move in our world. Students were asked to create their own experiment, test it and then report and present to the class. The students did wonderfully and really demonstrated their knowledge of potential and kinetic energy. Their next experiment has them exploring collisions and how energy is transferred from one object to another. Check out a few action shots below.

File_007 (1) File_006 (3) File_005 (4) File_004 (3) File_004 (2) File_003 (5)

File_003 (3) File_002 (5)File_001 (7) File_001 (6) File_000 (7) File_000 (6)










File_003 (4)



File_002 (4)

















Religion: We are continuing our study on the Commandments, as well! This week in room 115, we’re focusing on the Third Commandment. The students are discussing how they keep the Lord’s Day holy by going to church, praying, spending time with family, and singing songs. The students of room 114 just took their test on the Third and Fourth Commandments! We will be moving onto the Fifth Commandment next week. We will discuss how all human life is sacred, and that the right to life is the most basic human right.


As always, it’s a great day to be a cardinal

Ms. Kasl and Ms. Gross

The countdown to the Kasl/Duffy wedding is on! All students and families are invited to attend the ceremony at St. Cletus on Friday, June 16! Look for invitations in next week’s Wednesday envelope, I hope to see you all there!

Image result for wedding emojis

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Kindergarten Newsletter, May 19

Upcoming Events/mark your calendars:

  • Monday, May 22: Hot Lunch, Little Joe’s hot dogs
  • Tuesday, May 23: Picnic lunch with 8th grade
  • Wednesday, May 24: Hot Lunch, Wendy’s chicken sandwiches
  • Thursday, May 25: Classroom talent show, see below
  • Wednesday, June 7: Kindergarten Celebration, 10:30 in Morrissey Hall

This Week:

Center Time this week:

This Week:

A note from Mrs. Mahr:

The secret is out! On Tuesday, I shared the news with the kids that I’m expecting a baby in the fall!  The kindergarten team had so much fun watching the kids find out.  Their reactions, comments and questions were so very sweet, smart and of course, funny! Thank you also for your kind words and well wishes!

  • A BIG thanks to the room parents for getting the Kindergarten Celebration invitations out to you this week!  We hope to see you all there! Also, thanks to all that have signed up to help out in some way.  There are still a few spots left! http://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0e4caca623a31-endofyear .  It is going to be a special morning of celebrating all that your child has accomplished this year! The kindergartners are busy practicing their songs!
  • The kindergartners attended Mass on Wednesday and saw their 8th grade buddies receive their ribbons. So fun!
  • We got to see the chicks in 3rd grade this past week.  We had so much fun!

Next Week:

  • You received a note about our buddy picnic coming up on Tuesday, May 23rd. Please note that you are to send your child with a small treat (cupcake, brownie, donut, cookie, etc.).  The 8th grader will be bringing a blanket. Please DO NOT send your child with buddy gifts.  We made a present for them.
  • Don’t forget to help your child prepare for our classroom talent show on Thursday! The teachers are busy preparing too!


  • Review and assessments: Jolly phonics letters, sounds and actions, word wall words.
  • Journaling: ask your child what he/she is writing about?  What kind of details is he/she putting in writing?
  • Guided reading in small groups, word work and reading strategy practice.
  • We will begin our Kindergarten memory books.


Review and assessments:

  • Number writing
  • Counting by 1s, 2s, 5s and 10s
  • Number recognition
  • 3d and 2d shapes
  • Addition and subtraction
  • Money (recognition and counting groups of coins)
  • Measurement
  • Time to the hour


  • Talent Show: God has blessed us with so many unique talents.  Our talents are given to us to share with others.  We will be sharing these talents with our friends in our classrooms on Thursday, May 25th. Please be sure to practice with your child at home.  “My name is ___ and my talent is __.” We will use the book “OK” by  Tom Lichtenheld to start to discuss how we are just okay at some things and GREAT at other things!  Isn’t it fun to try out new things!
  • The butterflies in Mrs. Bentley’s room were released on Thursday. We’re still waiting on the butterflies in Mrs. Mahr’s room.  We were busy keeping track of all our observations in our butterfly journals!


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This Week in First Grade, May 15th through May 19th, 2017

This Week in First Grade…

May 15th through May 19th, 2017

register2**Open House and Registration, May 18th**

 Here’s a look at what’s going on This Week in First Grade!

Monday, May 15th

Hot Lunch: Little Joe’s, Cheese/Hamburgers, Nuggets

Wednesday, May 17th: Mass Schedule

9:00 AM  All School Mass, 8th Grade Ribbon Ceremony

Hot Lunch: McDonald’s, Sausage/Egg & Sausage Sandwich

Thursday, May 18th

9:30 AM   Author’s Lemonade (Tea)!author

See more information below.  

Invitations will be sent home with this week’s Homework and Assignment Sheet.

6:30 PM   Open House and Registration

Friday, May 19th: 8th Grade Day!


Future Dates to Remember:

May 29th: NO SCHOOL, Memorial Day


May and June Lunch/Recess Calendars are open!

Please contact Pam Rohrbacher if available

We thank you in advance!

Room 107: 15th, 16th, 17th, 18th

Room 108: 16th, 17th, 18th

*Recess begins at 11:15am for the first graders.

Lunch begins at 11:35 am and ends at 12:00 pm.

Our Special’s Schedule this Week:

Rotation Day Room 107 (Tyk) Room 108 (Gearen)
Monday– C Spanish, Science Lab TLC, Music
Tuesday– D Music Spanish, TLC
Wednesday– E Spanish, GYM Science Lab, GYM
Thursday– F GYM, TLC Spanish, Music
Friday– A Art, Library, Music Art, Library

**Please make a note of when your class has gym this week.



In the Classroom…  

The time is upon us;

we invite you all to come and hear.

We have published authors all ready to go–

Be there and feel the cheer!

lemonadeAuthor’s Lemonade (Tea)

Date: Thursday May 18th, 2017

Time: 9:30am to 11:00am

We invite all parents, siblings, Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles to join us.

Please arrive on time so that we may follow our schedule.

Huge THANKS to Karen Burbe and Sara Hodak–

They will have organized refreshments for the event!


This week in Spelling…Students will be looking at words with the <al> part as we review last week’s /ar/ sounds.  Classrooms will also be looking at parts of speech in order to make complete sentences.  Please go over tricky words, such as: saw, put, could, should, would, right, two, our, goes, and does at home as we will also be reviewing them in the classroom.

Spelling List #30: had, vet, fact, all, talk, walk, small, made, their, beanstalkcapacity-clipart-27

This week in Math…Chapter 9 begins with comparing different objects using the vocabulary terms: longest and shortest.  Students will be able to order three objects by length and comparing the lengths of two objects indirectly by using a third object.  

This week in Reading…Students will be making predictions as we read Ellen Stoll Walsh’s Dot & Jabber and the Great Acorn Mystery.  We will continue to use reading strategies such as visualization and inferring to better comprehend the story.  Classrooms have discussed the importance of rereading to help understand what we’ve read!

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Third Grade News May 15- 20th 2017, Room 112 Mrs. Reckwerdt

flowersReligion: Students are learning about the Celebration of the Mass in chapter 16. The test will be on Thursday, May 18th. The third graders will attend the 8am Mass on Tuesday, May 16th.  The Hail Holy Queen prayer will be recited on May 31st.church picture

Language: Students will continue to classify  simple sentences with compound subjects or compound verbs, and compound sentences. Students will also identify each type of sentence and correct run on sentences.  The May poem will be  presented on May 22nd.

Spelling:  This week we will focusing on Unit 20. The list words are: what, were, their, very, called, much, right, because, name, might, father, however, several, room, sea, against, top, and turned.  Spelling test #20  will be on Friday, May 19th. The tested skill will be to  write words that double the ending consonant before adding the  “ing” suffix.               .

Math:    Students will review fractions in Go Math Chapter 9 before having the Chapter 9 test on Friday, May 19th.    Students will have a Simple Solution quiz on Wednesday, May 17th.  Students need to keep practicing their multiplication  and division facts for accuracy and speed. 

Social Studies: Students should be working on their poster about an item that has changed over time. The information sheet went home on 5/11/17  The poster is due May 26thIn chapter 8 students are  continuing  to  learn how the development and improvement of  technology in transportation, communication, medicine, agriculture, and  factories has changed our country.

Science:  Our chickens should be hatching on Monday! Students will observe how they hatch, grow and then learn about their needs.  Students will also compare and contrast the different chicks. Notice the pictures below.  1) eggs in the egg turner   2) a recent activity where students stacked books on eggs to see how strong eggs are.St cletus egg strong 2017a eggs in inubator

Open House/ Registration  is  May 18th,   6:30 -8:00 pm.     Please come and invite your friends and neighbors to also attend.


I wish all of my students’ moms, a very  Happy Mothers’ Day!

Mothers day

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Second-2-None Newsletter

What We Are Learning

Image result for may clipart

Week of 5-8

This week in reading we read Nutik, the Wolf Pup.  This is about a strong friendship between a young boy and his wolf pup.  While reading we looked for suffixes.  We were also using the text to find clues to help us make inferences.

In Phonics we continue with adding the suffixes ed, ing, ful, and ness.  This is a tough skill for many and we will continue working on it until the end of the year.

In Math we started our new unit on Data.  We began by creating tally charts and also learned about reading and creating pictographs.  We will continue with this unit next week as well.

It was so much fun to learn about our Goods and Service projects.  We had a great time presenting our boxes to our peers.  Next week we will have a few more presentations.  Our chapter on Government is complete so we will begin a new Science unit next week.

Thank you to everyone who was able to join us for May Crowning on Monday.  We have been working very hard to prepare everyone for this special time.  This week in Religion we were learning about people who are called to serve God.  We will continue with this chapter next week. This week’s newsletter secret is…I love my mom!

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Preschool Newsletter – May 12, 2017

This week our theme was Mother’s Day and our letter of the week was W. We spent all week talking about why our Mom’s are special and what we can do to show them how much we love them.

Our centers included:

  • Watermelon art
  • Mother’s Day art projects
  • Play-dough
  • Math games – Roll & Cover
  • Math patterns
  • Number bingo
  • Journal writing – Letter W
  • Religion – Mary the Mother of all of us!

Next week our theme will be bugs and letter X. We will discuss the different parts of a bug and create a variety of bug art projects. Depending on weather we may go on a bug hunt outside!

Upcoming Events:

Monday, May 15th : Hot Lunch, Little Joe’s Hamburger/Cheeseburger

Wednesday May 17th: Hot Lunch, McDonald’s Sausage/Egg &  Sausage Sandwich

9:00 A.M 8th Grade Ribbon Mass

Thursday May, 18th: Open House & Registration 6:30 P.M

Friday, May 19th – 8th Grade Day

Wednesday, June 7th – Preschool End of the Year Celebration

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Overton News!

The countdown is on! Only 4 more weeks of school!

Reading: Students are reading Superfudge, a new Horrible Harry, and North by Night! Students reading Superfudge and Horrible Harry will be finishing on Monday and will take a comprehension quiz on Tuesday, 5/16. Our class-wide story this week is still A Very Cool Place to Stay. There will be a comprehension quiz over this story on Thursday 5/18.

Writing: This week we will be writing letters! Students will write kind letters filled with personal stories to each other, they will then be compiled in the report folder your student should bring in!

Math: We have begun measurement starting with time! Our midchapter checkpoint will be on Thursday, 5/18!

Science: We are starting a new chapter about

Social Studies:  The unit we are continuing to talk about different types of governments! We will begin reviewing for our LAST social studies test this week. Test will be on Thursday, May 18th. Play the jeopardy to review!


Our class could really use more tissues and pre-sharpened pencils! If you are able, please send your student with a box or two!


Your student needs TWO report folders by Monday! The folders should have a clear cover on the front and three brads. Here is an example! http://www.staples.com/Oxford-PressLock-Clear-Front-Report-Covers-Blue/product_339459


Our eggs are almost done growing!! Today they broke through their air sack, and we were hoping to be able to hear them chirp! This weekend they will start hatching! On Monday we will have some baby chicks!

Dates to Remember:


5/15: Eggs hatch! (hopefully)

5/16: Phonics Checkup

5/18: Math Midchapter check point

5/18: Social Studies Test

5/19: Spelling Test


It was so nice out today, we got to do some work outside and enjoy the sunshine!

IMG_1215 IMG_1216 IMG_1217 IMG_1218

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Kindergarten Newsletter, May 12

Image result for mother's day

Mark your calendars:

  • Monday, May 15th: Hot lunch, Little Joe’s
  • Wednesday, May 17th: Hot lunch, McDonald’s sausage/egg sandwiches
  • Wednesday, May 17th: School mass and 8th grade ceremony.
  • Thursday, May 18th: Registration, prospective family open house, 6:30-8.
  • Friday, May 19th: 8th grade day, we will watch our buddies play basketball and volleyball in the gym.

Upcoming Events:

  • Thursday, May 25th: Classroom talent show, please refer to the letter that was sent home.
  • Wednesday, June 7th: Kindergarten celebration, 10:30 in Morrissey Hall. All families are invited to attend!
  • Please watch for a note about our upcoming Kindergarten and 8th grade picnic.  The note will be sent home on Monday.

This Week:

  • We were busy finishing up our Mom projects this week.  We hope you like your child’s gifts to you!
  • We went to the park on Friday afternoon.  Kindergartners are meant to move and play!

Next Week:

We will continue assessments for 3rd trimester report cards.


  • Even as your child becomes more of an independent reader, continue to make time to read WITH your child.  Discuss what your child is reading and ask questions.  Part of reading fluency is comprehension.  “What do you think will happen next in the story?” “What happened at the beginning?  What happened at the end?” “Can you make a connection to this story?”  “Which character did you like the best and why?” “What was your favorite part?”
  • Journaling: your child’s final journals will be coming home in less than a month!  The children have become such great writers because we PRACTICE each and every day.
  • Word wall review.
  • Nonfiction caterpillar and butterfly stories. What do we know about butterflies and caterpillars?  What do we still want to know?
  • Guided reading: small group reading practice and reading strategy review.


  • Review: addition, subtraction, patterning, counting and naming coins, 3d and 2d shapes, graphing, counting by 1s, 2s, 5s, 10s.
  • We will continue to practice telling and showing time to the hour on both digital and analog clocks.
  • Measurement using standard and nonstandard units.


  • We have chrysalises! The kids have been busy writing and drawing their observations in their butterfly journals.  Will we have butterflies next week!? We will see! We will continue to learn about the caterpillar life cycle.
  • “Going to church:” we go to church to spend time with God as a church family. Next week, we will learn a new song.  Ask your child to sing it to you!  “Come along with me, to my Father’s house…” Don’t forget to spend time with God in church with your family! We go regularly to church.  This past week, we visited Mother Mary and said a special prayer for our moms. Your child has learned proper church behavior with the help of their 8th grade buddies. Have you noticed how grown up they are in church?



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5th Grade News

5th Grade News, May 12, 2015

  • Friday, May 19….boy/girl talk
  • Friday, May 26th….5th grade to 8:00 AM Mass

We celebrated a beautiful May Crowning  all school mass today with our first communicants and eighth graders leading this lovely tribute to Mary.

In social studies, we tested on Chapter 8 and are putting the finishing touches on our American Revolution Scrapbooks.

In language arts, we are beginning our last class novel!  Room 116 will be reading The Phantom Tollbooth by Norton Juster. Room 117 will be reading Holes by Louis Sachar.  Students will choose 4 activities to complete with their novels focusing on story elements, characterization, and themes.

In math, we just completed chapter 9.  Next is Chapter 10 which is all about conversion.  Converting units of measure in customary measurements and metric!  Customary length and capacity are the first two lessons, ask your child to measure their height in inches and then to convert it to a mixed measure of feet and inches.   Each week, we complete two lessons in Simple Solutions to keep all our math skills fresh.

We have reviewed ecosystems in our Science text.  This unit taught us about invasive species, extinction and conservation.  The students have had some great discussions about the environment and ecosystems.  We explored how droughts and floods effect plants and ecosystems.

In religion, we have begun our  Family Life curriculum.  We will be completing a short puberty talk, separating the boys and the girls on May 19th.  We are fortunate to have Dr. Beauregard ( a St. Cletus parent) come to present and discuss the topic with the boys.  Mrs. Noonan and Mrs. Gridelli will present and discuss with the girls.

Last but not least, please remember the 5th grade service project is collecting cans.  We have been collecting cans throughout the school; however, we can also use cans the students bring from home.  Next time you go to put them in YOUR recycling bin, stop, and put them in a bag for your child to bring to school.

Thank you for your continued support and cooperation.

Mrs. Clancy and Mrs. Gridelli

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