Preschool Newsletter – April 13, 2017

Preschool Newsletter – April 13, 2017

Upcoming events:

  • Monday, April 16 – Hot lunch/American bagel
  • Wednesday, April 18 – Hot lunch/Buona beef
  • Friday, April 20 – Health Fair
  • Friday, May 11 – Preschool Art Show from 10:00 am till 11:00 am in the Parish Center. (Just a reminder this is a half-day for full-day Preschool students)

This week we completed our author study on Mercer Mayer and learned about the letter V. Some of our letter V words included: volcano, van, vest, violin, vase, vacuum, Vincenzo, and Valentine.

Centers included:

  • V is for Vase & Volcano
  • Little critter puppets
  • Felt board pieces
  • Roll & cover Little Critter
  • Handwriting journals
  • Matching numbers

Next week we will complete an author study on David Shannon (author of No David! books). We will also work on a letter and number review.

Dress-up picture:

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